Want to Participate in Language Research on Kimbundu?

We would like to invite you to participate in a research study that we, David Heap (Principal Investigator), Olga Kharytonava (Co-Investigator and Interviewer), Daniel Dos Santos (Community Collaborator) and José Ferreira Dos Santos (Community Collaborator), are conducting among native speakers of Kimbundu.

Briefly, this study involves you taking part in a series of recorded interviews where we ask you questions about the language, and to translate some words and sentences. We may show you some pictures and ask to tell us in Kimbundu what you see. Also, if you would like to tell us a traditional story in Kimbundu, that would also be helpful for the study. You do not need to have any prior knowledge of linguistics.

These interviews will typically take about 1-1.5h, and normally take place somewhere quiet and comfortable, such as your home, or another place in the community of your choosing. As a token of appreciation, we will compensate you with a 10$ gift card. If you wish to receive a copy of your interview, we can give you the recording.

If you would like more information on this study, or would like to receive a letter of information about this study please contact Olga Kharytonava, Daniel Dos Santos or José Ferreira Dos Santos, using the contact information below.

Thank you,

Dr. David Heap
Western University

For information, please contact:
Dr. Olga Kharytonava
Western University

Daniel Dos Santos
José Ferreira Dos Santos
Community Collaborator

Study-specific email: krp@uwo.ca